Recommendation: Minette Walters.

Hello Friends,

Do I have a recommendation for you!
Do you love crime, suspense, complex characters and EPIC, brilliant writing?, well then keep reading – Minette Walters is your woman.

I came across Minette Walters by – you’ll never guess – Ah, you did – I stole it.
My dad, who isn’t quite into reading but sometimes picks up a book, had a copy of The Devil’s Feather. I found it in the bottom of a random cupboard in the house, snuck it off to my room and claimed it as MINE.

I finished the book in about two days and was instantly obsessed – I needed more.
I went on to find eight more of her books in the local bookstore – all bought and paid for, I swear and flew through them.

Whenever I am asked to recommend an author, she’s always first on my list, out of all the books I had read written by her, I have NEVER been dissapointed.

My thoughts:

The first novel I read by Minette.

Mini Synopsis:

The book follows bad-ass Connie Burns, as she trudges through war-torn country, fighting for the lost voices of the women captured in the midst of bloodshed.

Who will notice the emergence of a sexual psychopath from the ranks of the mercenaries?

– Blurb from Devil’s Feather cover.

The story has amazing flow, it’s super sensory and I often found myself on the very edge of my seat.

Knowing what I know now, this isn’t the book I would have started off with when it comes to Minette’s work – I would have started with The Sculptress, but it is a great introduction piece to her style and overall theme of writing.
Most of her books follow strong female leads, but not in the way that will intimidate male readers or make female readers feel – “less than”

She goes deep with fear – she highlights that even the most bad-ass people feel it, but trudge along anyway and it all results in an amazing showdown of nerve and determination.

The Devil’s Feather has a host of colorful – weird characters that stick with you for a long time after putting down the book.

Loaned to me by a friend – she came to get it from my house – I did try to steal it but no-go.

Acid Row was the second book I read by Minette and really cemented my obsession with her work.

It follows Sophie Morrison, a young doctor who finds herself trapped in a house with a pedophile, as the inhabitants of a rough council estate come looking for blood when a little girl, Amy, goes missing.

WOW guys, this book seriously had me glued to the pages. I distinctly remember trying to make a cup of coffee while reading this and being so immersed I clean missed the cup with the sugar, coffee and water!

Sophie is a strong, smart young woman, but I truly enjoyed how real Minette makes things.
Being stuck in a room with a pedophile – with a raging mob outside would terrify most people and that’s exactly how Sophie felt – and how the reader feels.

You sit through every emotion with this book, anger – fear – sadness – determination – relief.
It’s raw and very real. It highlighted issues that are out there and happening every day and brings to focus the need for action, all while keeping you thoroughly entertained.

Cliffhanger if I’ve ever read one!

The Sculptress is most certainly among my top five with Minette.
It follows Rosalind Leigh, a journalist investigating the case of – The Sculptress.

Its was a slaughterhouse, the most horrific scene I have ever witnessed…Olive Martin is a dangerous woman. I advise you to be extremely wary in your dealings with her.
– Extract from the blurb of The Sculptress.

Listen, this damn book guys – I can’t even explain it.
I spent about two days on the book and was never quite the same after – I often still think about it at the most random moments.

The Sculptress is a story that will leave you thinking for days!
It’s a fantastic battle of wits between two very different women, who both understand, but just quite can’t understand each other.

The characters are thrilling and smart-arsey and just overall amazing.
I was left confused and contemplating and worried and scared and constantly bouncing my leg on the edge of my seat.
It’s fast paced in a very flow-y sort of way – if that makes any sense.

I will warn you and say that the ending – to me at least – seemed like a bit of a cliffhanger, but in the most awesome way.

I feel like this work really showcases Minette’s brilliant mind and talent for writing. I will go far as to say it’s probably my favorite.

My second favorite.

I’m not quite sure form here on what books I read when – but that doesn’t matter.

The Ice House – by far – has the best characters.
It is my second favorite of her work that I have had the pleasure of reading, and is very much on par with The Sculptress, but wins with characters – where as The Sculptress wins with pure amazing plot.

The Ice house features three ladies as the center of the story and they are frikin’ amazing.
They are witty and smart and honest and eccentric, I truly enjoyed their personalities and constantly spoke about them to everyone I spoke to while reading the book.

It was evident, if there were no other entrances to the ice house, that the body had at some point traversed this thorny barrier…the big question was, how long ago? How long had that nightmare been there?

The people of Streech Village place blame squarely at the feet of the three above mentioned women when a body – nothing but bones and cobwebs – are found in an ice house on their property.

This book is a twisting tale of judgement and fight and secrets, murder and the ability to overcome, and not fall under the weight of others opinions – and most importantly love and friendship.
I was enthralled – following the journey of this mysterious murder, the myriad of typical small-town people, captured perfectly and the fight to stand up in the face of horrendous people and accusations.

It was truly a wonderful piece of work that I – just decided – will go back and read by the end of the year.

The above:

The Echo, Disordered Minds, The Breaker and The Shape of Snakes, were the other books I had read – over a period of about a year or so.
I realized I was probably making this post a bit toooo long, so decided to group them together as I went on.

These books were just as great and entertaining as the rest.
I had a bit of a struggle with Disordered Minds – as the beginning is a bit of information overload and drawn out, but about fifteen – twenty pages later it twists into something amazing and was such a joy to read.

I have seen some of Minette’s newer work – which seems quite different from the modern crimes stuff listed above and I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I plan on adding it to my TBR for 2020 and shall certainly let you all know.

Minette – in my opinion is a phenomenal writer. She is the definition of a story teller and keeps you entertained – thinking but simultaneously relaxed.
The overall experience of her work is eye-opening, witty, smart, real and raw.

She is my five star author.

WARNING – The books are extremely graphic and detailed. It might be disturbing to some.

Minette Walters –

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