Harry Potter!

A teary-eyed twenty four year old with her first Harry Potter set.

Hello Friends!
Twenty Fours Years!
Twenty four, long, long years, it took me to finally read Harry Potter.

Here’s why;

I have a thing about sets – if you read my post titled “The Grand Heist” You’ll know that I robbed a poor librarian in order to complete a set – which by the by, I just recently – as in yesterday, realized is still not complete! The search begins once more.


I realized that I had no patience to buy one book at a time, I need the full set, when available, or I can’t have it at all.
The problem with sets like Harry Potter – Possibly the only problem I could find – is that they are damn expensive!

So, I waited, and waited, and waited.
I would save money, specifically with Harry Potter in mind, then have to spend it on something or someone else more important, I could just never justify the purchase.

Little did I know, that my constant jabbering about the books and my insistence on having them, was driving The Boyfriend UP THE WALL! He was positively SICK of hearing about Harry Potter, so for my twenty fourth birthday, just passed in October 2019, HE BOUGHT THE SET FOR ME!

He usually refrains from buying books as gifts, as I get them from everyone else, including myself and he likes to make gifts fun and different.
He knew however, that having this set meant the world to me – so he came through with the prettiest damn, waxy cover set ever and I’m over the moon.

I finished the lot in three months – and seriously can’t wait to read them again.

My thoughts on the books:

The first two were a bit slow and kiddish – which I understand was the intention as Rowling was writing for a younger audience at the time – the above statement though doesn’t mean they were any less amazing.

I loved every moment of reading those books and constantly wish I could swipe my mind clean and read them for the first time all over again.

I must say,
I don’t walk around claiming a specific house or constantly making references – as much of the folk I know who first read the books when they came out do – No Judging – I’m just in a different phase of life and the fan-girl thing wasn’t ever the route I was going to go.
And to be honest, I love the total fan vibes and the constant references, I just don’t do them myself.

I had no criticisms for the books – I thoroughly enjoyed it all, but I was, and i must stress this, VERY upset that some of those who died – I won’t mention names in case someone reading this has not yet read HP – didn’t magic back to life, like what the heck man, you’re all wizards and witches – do something!

But alas, I made peace and moved on.

I often stare at the books and consider picking them up again, but for now my TBR pile is just to large to re-read anything.

This post is NOT meant as a review, but I will state that Harry Potter is a 5 star read (*****) and worth every cent. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a go – you won’t regret it.

Whether you read it as a kid back in the day when it came out, or you read it now as a twenty four year old, whatever the age – it stands the test of time and continues to be a work of brilliance.

xx M.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter!”

    1. I’m dying to read it again… But I’m also wanting to keep it for when I decide to have kiddos and experience it all again by reading it to them. I doubt I could wait that long though lol.

      Happy reading!


    1. That happens to me often – perhaps try and squeeze in one or two books a year of the series, but if you have others that are calling your name, there’s no harm in getting to them first.

      Happy reading!


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